Digital Radiographs

Shandon Family Dentistry has invested in the latest digital technologies to improve diagnosis and patient education. The traditional film radiographs (x-rays) take 5-10 minutes to develop and can be difficult to interpret. Also, digital radiographs expose the patient to less radiation than traditional film methods. Our digital images can be enlarged, adjusted for different contrast levels, and easily printed for efficient communication with specialists. When taking a radiograph at our office, our digital sensor transmits the information to our computer which then instantly displays the image on our patient monitor. This feature allows Dr. Desai to review all radiographs with you so that you can better understand any treatment that is proposed.

Digital Panorex

A digital panorex is the latest in cutting-edge equipment that is featured at Shandon Family Dentistry. A panorex is a radiograph (x-ray) that provides an image of all of your teeth, sinuses, the temporomandilar joint (often called the TMJ), as well as the maxilla and mandible (upper and lower jaws) all in one image. This diagnostic film reveals pathology such as cysts or tumors that may have gone unnoticed in previous radiographs. Our panorex features patented Articulated Motion Technology, which automatically adjusts to your anatomy to ensure a consistency in your diagnostic image.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is an integral component of patient education. In the past, patients have always had to rely on their dentist to describe problematic areas concerning their teeth. At Shandon Family Dentistry, Dr. Desai and his team utilize the newest pen-sized intraoral camera to take pictures of any teeth with a proposed treatment. Like the digital radiograph and digital panorex features, the images from the intraoral camera appear immediately on the the patient monitor for your viewing. Our intraoral camera can take pictures of your entire smile also, which is useful during smile-design consultations.

Electronic Claims

At Shandon Family Dentistry, we are able to coordinate with your insurance provider so that you know of any out-of-pocket costs before we begin any procedure. And by using the latest dental software, we can file your claim and handle any problems in its processing. This allows our patients to focus on their dental treatment, without worrying about dealing with their insurance company.

Social Media

Information regarding Shandon Family Dentistry is available to you on Facebook. Also, be sure to follow ShandonDentist on Twitter. These social media outlets allow Dr. Desai to inform his patients of any innovations in the field of dentistry, as well as home-care tips and any announcements regarding the practice. Our social media sites will also notify you of any updates to our blog, which will feature weekly tips regarding dentistry.