Dr. Desai recommends for children to have their first visit to the dentist between their 1st and 2nd birthdays. This will help acclimate your child to the dental office, as well as allow us to treat any areas of concern. Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, are much smaller than permanent teeth so there is less tooth structure shielding the nerve within. This is why dental caries (cavities) must be treated quickly so that they do not become painful or lead to infections.


Frequent hygiene appointments and home care are necessities to maintain your oral health. Most insurance plans allow members to receive two hygiene recalls a year, often at no cost to the patient. After our hygienist has finished the cleaning, Dr. Desai will perform his exam, as well as review all available radiographs and pictures taken with our with you. Because our practice is completely digital, you will be able to view all of these same diagnostic images on our overhead patient monitors. Remember, maintaining a schedule of brushing and flossing are necessary for adequate home care.


We offer patients restorative services that are both cosmetic and functional. These services may be in the form of a "tooth-colored" filling to crown and bridge restorations. We have the ability to restore implants, and even have specialists within walking distance of our office to provide implant consultations. Our allows you to see exactly what problem areas Dr. Desai sees, which helps achieve our practice's goal of giving excellent patient education. We at Shandon Family Dentistry only use certified dental labs located within South Carolina, which ensures quick results using materials authorized by the American Dental Association.


Dr. Desai received advanced training during residency in endodontics, which is the field of dentistry commonly known as root canals. Technology has propelled endodontics into becoming a much more enjoyable dental treatment. Rotary endodontics shorten appointment times and warm gutta percha methods more efficiently seal the root canals. These treatments are indicated when dental caries, or cavities, have decayed through the tooth and infected its interior nerve. Be sure to inform our staff of any sensitivities to hot or cold your teeth may experience, as well as any pain upon biting as these symptoms may be precursors to an infected root canal.

Oral Surgery

At Shandon Family Dentistry, Dr. Desai provides both routine and emergency, same-day oral surgery treatment. Doctoral training in oral surgery as well as his postgraduate residency in a hospital has provided him with extensive experience in extracting teeth with regard to his patients' medical conditions. In certain situations, prescription medications may be given to the patient to allow for a more comfortable extraction appointment in the future. We never recommend for you to alter your daily medication without consulting with your primary care physician. Patients are asked to provide a complete medical history as well as a list of all prescribed medications.


Dr. Desai takes great pride in the dentures he delivers to his patients. Residency training and continuing education has given him the skillset to give you a denture you deserve. At Shandon Family Dentistry, we ask that you allow us to fabricate your denture over the course of 3-4 appointments. While this may seem like a long process, understand that each step is integral in fine-tuning the function and esthetics of your future denture. We also offer our patients the newest technology in removable partial dentures, which are bendable and metal-free.

We have also partnered with our dental lab to offer immediate dentures, but patients should be aware that these may require future adjustments and relines.